Effie C. Cuff Bracelet - 6.5''

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Zuni Pueblo Handmade

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with Turquoise and Red Coral

Artist's Stamp - "Effie C"  aka Effie Calavaza known for Snake Design


Approx 6.5'' Inner Circumference

Approx 1'' Opening

Handmade in New Mexico


Please Note that we DO NOT take returns because a product doesn't fit, so please take care when deciding to purchase a bracelet.  

Here's some tips on sizing:

Using flexible measuring tape or a piece of paper or string, measure your wrist right above the bone, rounding up to the nearest quarter inch.  

For Cuff Bracelets:

(Cuff bracelets are measured by the circumference of the inner part of the bracelet.) 

Any bracelet within 1/4'' and 3/4'' of your wrist measurement should fit comfortably and well. 

*Also, It is recommended you avoid squeezing your sterling silver bracelet if possible.  Squeezing can weaken the silver, break the bracelet or pop out stones. 

Questions?  Please contact us at customersupport@pprsonline.com

Effie C. Cuff Bracelet - 6.5''
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  • Effie C. Cuff Bracelet - 6.5''
  • Effie C. Cuff Bracelet - 6.5''
  • Effie C. Cuff Bracelet - 6.5''